Earn More. Work Less.

You can produce an extra $250k per year while working 50% less! Sound impossible? It’s not!

It’s time to Unleash Your Practice’s Potential with this proven program!

MY Story

How Unleashing Dentistry CAME ABOUT

From Dental Assistant TO DENTAL CONSULTANT

Thirty years ago, like many, I started my dental journey as an assistant. At the time, I already knew I could have a more impactful role on the long-term success of dental practices, so I chased that dream. From RDAII and Treatment Coordinator to CE Clinical Instructor and Workshop Facilitator, I’ve played many roles in the dental industry. All of it led me to one thing: Dental Consulting. 

Fast forward to today. I now have the privilege to help dentists realize their full potential in practice by working smarter rather than harder. How did I do this? It all boils down to increasing profits while decreasing stress.

I provide realistic solutions to day-to-day challenges while supporting business owners and their team in their quest for success.

Are you the type of person that goes above and beyond in your day-to-day duties for patients? Let’s talk about the simple strategies that will have you working fewer hours while taking home more so that you can have the work-life balance you deserve!

What Our Clients Say

Why do some dentists have balance and profitability? Here’s a little secret: it’s not by luck, it’s by design.

Earn More. Work Less.

Michelle works with dentists and their teams to craft their remarkable practice that stands out in the marketplace and attracts a team that supports the owner’s vision.

She teaches how to leverage technology and software to support the practice’s brand while creating an efficient, profitable, well-oiled patient serving machine that is simple to manage.

Attract More New Patients

Remarkable practices get attention because your ideal patients realize you are the right practice for them instantly.

Increase Revenue Immediately

Add 20% production to your practice with higher-cost, longer-lasting procedures through increased case acceptance.

Maximize Efficiency

Streamline your schedule and your team to produce more in less time, while increasing the level of patient care.

Curate Your Dream Team

Transform your team to support your vision, serve patients at the highest level, and be invested in your success.

Wow Your Customers

Don't educate your patients to death! Instead, learn to find out what they want and deliver exactly that in an unforgettable way.

Create Consistency

Create consistency so, no matter who is serving your patients, it feels like a well-oiled, predictable, and remarkable experience - every time!

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Michelle Podulsky

Head Consultant

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