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Dr. Angela Mulrooney, Business CoachI wasn’t always a dental practice consultant.

When I first bought my broken down dental practice, I was excited!

I invested everything I had.

It was going to be my main revenue source and my retirement plan.

Then the Global Financial Crisis hit. It was a perfect storm that nearly forced me to close the doors to my practice.

Things needed to change.

After months of digging, I eventually discovered the secrets to growing a dental practice that would change my life forever.

In only 1 year, I increased my billings by $324k, the next year, I reduced my hours by 50% and maintained my production.

You can do the same. I can show you how.



Angela is a speaker, author, and dental consultant. Her proven tactics help owners earn more while working less.

“My team is engaged, contributing and excited about these changes.”
dental office manager
VeronicaDental Office Manager
“I've improved my work-life balance and my energy levels.”
Dr Sheena Lambert
Dr. Sheena LambertDental Business Owner


Why do some dental clinics experience success? Here’s a little secret, it’s not luck, it’s all tactical.
Angela works with dentists (owners & associates) to fine-tune their practice.

Increase Revenue Immediately

Maximize production per patient with higher
cost procedures.

Maximize Efficiency

Streamline your schedule to produce more in less time.

Create your Dream TEAM

Get your team on board with where you dream of going.

Focus on Wowing Your Customers

Learn to find out what patients want and deliver that, rather than educating them to death on what they need.

Create Consistency in Your Practice

Create consistency so your team is a well-oiled, predictable dentistry producing machine.

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It’s time to:

  • Boost your revenue by an additional 20k per month.
  • Work 50% less while maintaining your revenue.
  • Transform your practice into a well-oiled machine.
  • Increase your production without spending a dime on marketing.
  • Take your dental practice to next level in record time.
  • Work through all the roadblocks with efficient solutions.
  • Grow with 1 on 1 dental practice coaching.