About Unleashing Dentistry's Potential

Hi, We’re Michelle Podulsky and Dr. Angela Mulrooney.

You may have seen us speaking at dental conferences or on LinkedIn talking about the business of dentistry.

We help dentists (like you) grow your practice. 

You are probably here because you want more from your practice and life! 

Well…we understand what you’re going through.

A modern dental office with high-tech equipment

Here’s What NOT To Do

In 2009, I (Angela) bought a broken-down, bread and butter dental practice in the worst part of town.

You’d think it would be an easy turn-around right? New equipment, new decor, training the previous team into modern day systems… it was ready to go.

But it wasn’t that simple. 

I went through devastating financial struggles. 

My over-investment in the practice during the Global Financial Crisis combined with a lawsuit from two former employees hit hard. It was the perfect storm which nearly forced me to close my doors.

How Did I Turn It Around?

I remember thinking to myself “this has to stop”.

I hired business coaches, took advanced clinical courses and read everything about business. Over $250k of investment in education later I felt re-energized, equipped, and ready to go. I trained my team to support where the practice was going.

This Is What I Wanted To Do:

Serve my patients & community better

Make what
I was worth

Be healthy
& NOT burn out

Have freedom to
pursue other passions

You Can Probably Relate!

Eventually, you realize that the business of dentistry is not just about your skills or training. I could have been the best dentist in the world, BUT, when no one knew I existed, I wasn’t successful.

The Revelation

Much like you’re having now, I had an epiphany.

It wasn’t only the business of dentistry I needed to learn. More importantly, it was THE BUSINESS OF MARKETING MY DENTISTRY… to my patients!

Our conversation with patients had to change: It had to be about what they wanted from me, NOT what I could do for them. That revelation was when the real shift began. Finally, everything fell into place:

  • patients were accepting the comprehensive care they wanted
  • more new patients than ever who wanted the care I loved to provide
  • my production continued to increase

The only problem was I was exhausted and had SPENT A FORTUNE to get there!!!! My team and I were burning out because our caseload had increased way too much. We had to learn to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER.

Our Solution

We decided to design a schedule that would allow us to work at our best, all year round.

By the End Of the Year

Now It's Your Turn!

Yes, Michelle and I can help you earn more and work less.

We are disruptors in the dentist industry because we don’t believe you have to invest $75k and sign a one-year consulting agreement to be successful. 

Instead, we will teach you and your team to unleash your practice’s potential – clinically, entrepreneurially and financially – with branding and business expertise that is tried and true – inside and outside of the dental industry.

Michelle & I want to work with you, teach you how to level up your practice, and send you on your merry way with an education which you will use for the lifetime of your practice.

What You'll Learn

Gain an education of a lifetime that will have you understanding how to:

  • Craft your remarkable brand
  • Curate your dream team
  • Leverage technology

While being able to work smarter rather than harder. It’s all about designing your practice to serve your life!

Experience Transformation

What you learn will last you a lifetime of being able to:

  • Have transparent conversations
  • Get your team aligned with your vision of your dream practice
  • Foster authenticity in your brand
  • Use innovative business tools

Unleash Your Potential!

By unleashing your practice’s potential, you will: 

  • Do the dentistry you LOVE on patients who want your care
  • Have a team INVESTED in your success
  • WORK SMARTER rather than harder by having an easy to manage practice that stands apart in your community

It’s Time. Discover the secrets to growth without breaking the bank!


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