• Hi I’m Dr. Angela Mulrooney,

    You may have seen me speaking at dental conferences or found me on my YouTube channel.

    I help people (like you) grow their dental practices.

    You’re probably here because you want more from your practice and your life!

    Well…. I understand what you’re going through.

Here’s What NOT To Do

In 2009 I bought a broken-down, bread and butter dental practice.

You’d think it would be an easy turn-around right?

New equipment, new decor, a new system… it was ready to go.

But it wasn’t that simple.

I went through devastating financial struggles.

My over-investment in the practice during the Global Financial Crisis hit hard.

It was the perfect storm which nearly forced me to close my doors.

How Did I Turn It Around?

I remember thinking to myself “this has to stop”.

I hired business coaches, took advanced clinical courses and read everything about business.

Over $150k later I felt re-energized, equipped, and ready to go.

I trained my team to support where the practice was going.


  • Serve my patients & community better
  • Make what I was worth
  • Be healthy and NOT burn out
  • Freedom to pursue my other passion (dance)
You can probably relate!

Eventually, you realize that the business of dentistry is not just about your skills or training.

I could have been the best dentist in the world, BUT if no one knew what I could do for them, I was

never going to be successful.

The Revelation

Much like you’re having now, I had an epiphany.

It wasn’t only about the business of dentistry. It was about THE BUSINESS OF MARKETING MY DENTISTRY… to my patients!

Our conversation with patients had to change. It had to be about what they wanted from me, NOT what I could do for them.

The real shift began.

Finally, I understood their long-term goals and patients were accepting the comprehensive care they wanted. I was attracting more new patients than ever who wanted the care I loved to provide.

However… I was Exhausted!!!!

My team and I were burning out! Our caseload had increased way too much.

We had to learn to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER.

Our Solution

We decided to design a schedule that would allow us to work at our best, all year round.

By the end of the year
  • We reduced our hours by 50%
  • Doubled my production per hour
  • Profit-shared with the team

You can imagine, everyone was very happy!

Now It’s Your Turn

Yes, I can help you earn more and work less.

You will DO THE DENTISTRY YOU LOVE on patients who want your care.


It’s time.

Let’s find out how I can help you grow.

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