Coaching Program

Business Coaching Program for Dentists

Online, Group & Private Coaching for Dentists

This online business coaching program for dentists & their team gives you the tools to INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTION 30% while working fewer hours.

We will show you how to do this while you and your team provide the best care for you patients while you earn more by working SMARTER not harder.

Discover What The Program Can Do For Your Practice!

Increase the efficiency in your delivery of high level dental care with a team invested in the success of your dental practice. Your patients will benefit as will your team with a generous team bonus program.

We know as a dentist, you are busy trying to balance your practice, clinical care, and personal life. That’s why this program is delivered succinctly. Each module will give you information to implement right away to create transformations that have measurable impact on your dental practice productivity. Each dental coaching module has three lessons to watch, listen to, or read with your team, getting everyone invested in your vision for your practice.

Program Outline: 7 Dimensions of a SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE!


1. Healthy Numbers: Understand Your Overhead

Do you understand your numbers? What if you could get them working for you? Would you sleep better at night? Would you feel less like a slave tor your practice? I will give you tools to understand your numbers & influence your overhead to take home more with simple tweaks.


2. Healthy Team: Get your Team Invested & Supporting Your Practice

Does your dental team add stress to your day? Learn how to build a dentistry dream team. Get your team invested in the success of the business while streamlining everyone’s role so time at the clinic is masterfully used to deliver ultimate patient care.


3. Healthy Vision: Identify Your Vision, Mission & Core Values

If you don’t know where you are going, you may never get there! It is time to get clear on what you want from your practice by laying out what your dental practice is about and what you want out of it. Not only will it give you a clear direction, it gives your team members an idea to get behind.


4. Healthy Service: Create The Wow Experience

How would your clients describe your customer service (be honest)? You can be the best dentist, but if your customer service is lack-lustre you will not enjoy the success you seek. Patients are savvy and have options. Learn how to set yourself apart the moment a patient contacts the practice while creating simpler, more effective days with processes that create a wow experience for your patients.


5. Healthy Transformations: Plan For Success

Do you have a plan for success? Plan for success with your dental team. Literally … make a plan! When you have laid out goals and timelines, transformation will begin. Plan for more balance in your life by working efficiently at the clinic while taking more vacation time to rest, recharge, and innovate your practice.


6. Healthy Communication: Also Known As … Sales

When’s the last time you gave your patient a good listening to? You maybe making an educated guess at what your patients want and you may be shocked at what their answer is when you start asking the right questions.  It’s an art form that will have you providing better, more directed customer service to your patients that they will notice!


7. Healthy Brand: Set Yourself Apart & Get Found

Does marketing overwhelm you? Do you know how to maximize your return on your marketing investment? This final modules pulls everything together to get your practice, team, and marketing reflecting the excellence of care you provide. With all the other 6 dimensions in place, you can move forward with a strong patient attraction strategy that will increase your patient base and have you prepared to best serve these new faces.


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