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Let Angela’s love of dentistry, business, dance and life inspire you to bring your best game to your career and patient care.

Owning a dental practice can feel like a “dream”… where you’re running at top speed on a treadmill that just won’t stop.

At 28 years of age, Dr. Mulrooney purchased and transformed a run-down clinic into a cutting-edge practice. She doubled her hourly production while working 50% fewer hours – achieving the elusive practice dream.

Dr. Mulrooney’s presentations share her secrets for success, helping her colleagues realize their full potential clinically and financially. Let Dr. Mulrooney inspire your attendees to take their businesses and patient care to the next level.

Dr. Mulrooney’s Presentations:

The Journey Back to Success Is Your Choice

In this perspective-shifting keynote, Dr. Mulrooney shares critical lessons learned through her personal journey.

The Art of Patient Communication

Build the verbal and nonverbal communication skills that are critical to selling modern, advanced dentistry.


You’ll emerge with an actionable six-month social media marketing plan and the burning desire to put it into practice.


No Matter the Circumstances

Being better isn’t good enough – it is simply what patients expect from you. Being different is what will allow you to thrive.

Poised, Polished & Passionate

“Dr. Angela Mulrooney provided one of the most outstanding programs I have experienced in many years. She was poised, polished and passionate. From the moment she began speaking, she captivated the audience. Her story is unique; her information is relevant. She is engaged and engaging. Dr. Mulrooney’s topic is suitable for dentists and team members, as well as consultants and dental educators. She will make her mark in the dental consulting/speaking world at lightspeed. I highly recommend reviewing Dr. Mulrooney and scheduling her on your program soon.”


Dr. Mulrooney Makes You Believe in Your Dreams and Gives You the Courage to Be You

“With over 20 years in dentistry, I have selectively added my signature to recommendation letters for some amazing people. I am proud, honored, and humbled to add Dr. Angela Mulrooney’s name to that list. She inspires attendees to greater things, makes you believe in your dreams and gives you the courage to be you.”


She Will Inspire You to Appreciate Change

“In nearly 40 years as a professional speaker I’ve heard many speakers who have educated, entertained and brought me to tears with their personal stories. Never have I been as moved personally and professionally as I was recently when I heard Dr. Angela Mulrooney for the very first time. She will change your focus on set-backs, inspire you to appreciate change and leave you with an understanding that “the challenges before you are never greater than the power behind you.”


Past Presentations

(Partial List)

Aesthetic Dentistry & Implant Center Gift Seminar
Canadian Dental Association’s Oasis Series
dentalcorp Canada
Euroscicon Zurich
Gateway Oral Surgery Study Club
Golden Girls Dental Cruise (Cuba)
Greater Calgary Ortho Study Club
Harvard Faculty Club
Henry Schein
Howard Farren Media
Ontario Dental Association
Ottawa Dental Society Symposium
Ottawa Women’s Dental Study Club
Pacific Dental Conference
Patterson Dental
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
University of Alberta College of Dentistry

“Dr. Angela Mulrooney not only shares a powerful message from the stage, she lives it. If you are looking for an authentic presenter to inspire your attendees and provide strategies to grow their practice – look no further. Dr. Mulrooney will bring the crowd to their feet in today’s meeting and in to action on Monday morning.”


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