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Thrive In Practice

If you’ve ever wondered how some owners make running a practice look easy, or are curious why some practices consistently increase their production year after year, it’s time to stop wondering and start learning the secrets to thriving in practice!

This do-it-yourself online course will show you how to add another $250k of production per year by: 

  • Increasing case acceptance ethically
  • Crafting an invested team
  • Creating a wow experience
  • Setting yourself apart
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Module 1:


Get the tools you need to control your overhead, increase production, and skyrocket your yearly profits.

1 - Examining the Health of Your Business

Numbers tell the truth about the health of any business. In this lesson you will learn to wrap your head around your expenses to better understand the opportunities for change within your practice.

2 - Analyzing Production

By dissecting and fully understanding the breakdown of your production, you can transform your production while gravitating towards your favorite and most productive skills. Learn how to design easier, more gratifying, and productive days in practice.

3 - Setting Premium Pricing

Most patients prefer not to choose bargain basement care when it comes to their health. Learn how to set ideal prices for both you and your clients, all while using products and technology you love.

Module 2:


Build a dream team invested in the success of your practice. Get everyone thinking like an owner to increase efficiency and deliver the ultimate care.

4 - Evaluating Your Team

Your team truly can make or break your practice. This lesson will transform your mindset about how to approach your staff and build a dream team you will value and be proud to work with.

5 - Evaluating Tasks

You can’t improve what you don’t measure! Have you ever taken a step back to look at what you do in a day, week, month, and year? Have you ever thought about what you could be eliminating completely, or training someone else to do? This lesson will help you systemize so you can increase your efficiency, exponentially.

6 - Setting Goals

By working with your team to project where you want your practice to be in 10 years time, you can create steps today to get there. In this lesson, you will learn to design a road map that will help you realize your dreams.

Module 3:


Learn to get clear on why it is you do what you do. As soon as you establish your direction, your team will more eagerly get invested in helping you create your dream practice.

7 - Creating Your Vision and Mission

In this lesson, you will pare down the essence of who you are and determine where you want to take your practice and team – both in the present and for years to come.

8 - Discovering Your Core Values

What inherent behaviors must you nurture to succeed on your own and with your team? What standards can you create for yourself that will guide you as you reach for the stars? This lesson helps answer both of these questions.

9 - Attracting Ideal Patients

You can’t be everything to everybody. There will always be people you work well with, and those who make you cringe when you see them on the schedule. This lesson will help you figure out your ideal patient avatars, so you can begin attracting attracting your ideal patients to your practice.

Module 4:


Set yourself apart from the moment a patient contacts your practice – all while creating simpler, more effective days.

10 - The 'Wow' Experience

Wowing your patients goes beyond technical skills. How you interact with them – from the first time you meet to when work is done, to when calls are made after hours – ultimately crafts the experience they will remember.

11 - Cross-Training

Cross-training helps everyone understand how their jobs are interconnected while also creating a more cohesive and respectful team. It eliminates king pins, allows you to systemize what everyone does, and enables you to more easily train new people into the culture and technical aspects of your practice.

12 - Crafting More Efficient Days

Part of wowing your patients is also about creating a consistently efficient experience. In this lesson you’ll examine the issues that can make patient interactions slow or cumbersome, in order to improve the operations of your practice in the future. You will learn how to craft your schedule in a way that allows you to work smarter rather than harder, all while doing more of the dentistry you love.

Module 5:


Learn to plan for balance in your life – by working efficiently, taking more vacation time to rest, recharge, and innovate your practice, and getting your team invested through a bonus system.

13 - Organizing Your Time

When you take time regularly to work on your practice, you will start to see massive transformations in all aspects. With this lesson you will learn to better organize time with your team, work on your skills, and create bigger dreams to work toward.

14 - Working Less, Producing More

All work and no play makes a dental practice dull in so many ways. Taking time away from practice will allow you to get more creative, work more efficiently, and see the long game more easily. Learn how to commit to taking regular vacations to keep yourself at peak performance while not compromising on your ability to sustain an incredible living.

15 - Pushing Your Skills to the Limit

It can be easy to spend a lot of money on continuing education. But are you using the skills you’re requiring? Could you be doing it in a better way? Learn how to plan to acquire higher level skills based on the needs of your current patient base as well as what you are passionate about in practice. Learn to schedule and budget for achieving the skills acquisition schedule you desire while maximizing your return on investment.

16 - Bonus Calculator

Expecting your team to change is a big ask – especially when there’s nothing in it for them. In this lesson you will learn a systemized approach to bonus calculator that will motivate your team to think like an owner and get on board with moving the practice forward.

Module 6:


When is the last time you gave your patient a good listening to? You may be making an educated guess at what your patients want and you may be shocked at what their answer is when you start asking the right questions. It’s an art form that will have you providing better, more directed customer service to your patients that they will notice and talk about!


Are you really listening to your patients, or just guessing at what they want? This module focuses on the art of asking the right questions, with an aim to improve patient experience and case acceptance.


Case acceptance is one of the most common barriers to success for practices. Often, this has to do with not communicating at the patients’ level, not addressing their desires, and pushing an agenda that is not their own. With this lesson you will learn a way to communicate with patients that makes it easy for them to understand what can be achieved, based on what they want and what you perceive as being needed. Your case acceptance will go through the roof.

Module 7:


This final module pulls everything together: the organization of your marketing efforts, how to reflect the outstanding care you provide, and landing new patients.

19 - Becoming a 'Go-To Practice'

Building your following is never easy – especially when patients have so many options. However, by figuring out what you are most talented at and passionate about, you can set yourself apart, go hard after your dream, and create a go-to clinic.

20 - Leveling Up Your Clinic

Patients judge your practice on many parameters – the least of which is your technical skill. They will remember how they were treated, how you looked, and how they felt in your care. Learn how to level up the experience of your patients, so they see you as more than just a dental practice and rather as an advisor to whom they can entrust the care of their families.

21 - Marketing Your Brand

Marketing can be an expense or an investment. It becomes in investment when the effort and the dollars you’re putting into marketing starts turning into patients arriving at your practice. Learn the lesser-known tactics that will make the biggest difference in how many patients you have in your base.

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